About us

About Us

                        Welcom to Unique Hydraulics ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic gear pump in INDIA.

                        We have a proud and glorious past and now enriched with the valuable experience, we are m ore focused and positively looked forward to an ambitious future.

                        The past has recorded our successful entrepreneurship. Our moderate claim is enhanced by an enviable list of globally acclaimed clientele who are more than satisfied

                        and acknowledge their total trust in us. We are dedicated and totally committed in our endeavor for the future to be one of the best exporters. We have always ensured

                        to source the best manufacturer in the Indian market. The prime products are designed and engineered for the latest modern state-of-the-art technology and very ably

                        supported by the 'hi-tech' infrastructure, there by, balancing the integral commitment aspect of the market demand and the production plan and targets. The 'R&D' is

                        always open to adopt latest innovative concepts procedures. the production line is managed and supervised by highly qualified engineers and technicians who maintain

                        a stringent quality control code. The product manufacturing by the company has earned a Reputation for their quality and Reliability in a wide spectrum of industries and


                        A Continuous Development of its valve range, Today, Unique offers the best pumps & valves available in wide range of sizes and materials. Unique customers includes leading

                       companies in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Boiler Plant Assembly, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer, Textiles, Cement, Refinery, Oil and Natural Gas, Hydraulic and Sluice Plants etc.

Welcom to Unique Hydraulics

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At Unique, Quality Adherence and perseverance to maintain the quality standards is an on going process and the first priority. Unique products confirm to Majority of the National and International Standards. Strict Quality check is maintained at all the floor levels of the factory without Compromising the Quality of the product, and the inputs are closely monitored at all the Diriment and of course end user with a log, Trouble free, hassle free service life. To Assure a client, about the quality, the Company is submitting all the necessary test Certificates along with the supply.

All the Major Designing and Development is done using the latest computer Techniques of Skilled Professionals and so the company can process all the Client Needs Promptly for Approvals, Samplings etc. The Company has looks the new opportunities, as a challenge in Designing Utilizing all the latest Techniques and Tooling for the Development Process. The Company has an Expertise and Capacity in Developing import substitute Products as per Client's Specifications also, and have to their credit some of the Reputed Projects, which are Operational. Unique Hydraulics applies trail-blazing strategies with matching performance and a motivated team that excels in quality management leading to product integrity.

Unique excels in satisfying difficult customers, especially when specifications and tolerances must be fulfilled. All products are tailored to client specifications and perform with technological finesse. We have a long list of enviable global clientele. We now look forward to a long and cherished business relationship with your esteem organization.