We have a proud and glorious past and now enriched with the valuable experience, we are m ore focused and positively looked forward to an ambitious future. The past has recorded our successful entrepreneurship. Our moderate claim is enhanced by an enviable list of globally acclaimed clientele who are more than satisfied and acknowledge their total trust in us.


Flench Type Hydraulic Gear Pump Type 0p With Flench , Gear Pump Manufacturer Type 0p 0p
High Pressure Hydraulic Gear Pump Type 1p ,
Flench Type Hydraulic Gear Pump Type 2p With Flench , Performance with SAE 20W oil at 50* C
Triple Stage (1P+1P+1P) , Triple Stage (1P+1P+1P)
Hydraulic Gear Pump Type 0P+0P
Hitachi Pump Model : EX-200

Why choose us?

At Unique, Quality Adherence and perseverance to maintain the quality standards is an on going process and the first priority. Unique products confirm to Majority of the National and International Standards. Strict Quality check is maintained at all the floor levels of the factory without Compromising the Quality of the product, and the inputs are closely monitored at all the Diriment and of course end user with a log, Trouble free, hassle free service life. To Assure a client, about the quality, the Company is submitting all the necessary test Certificates along with the supply.